Saturday, March 19, 2011

Should No One Get More Chance to watch these:

A while ago, I was watching this video shared by a friend on Facebook, and believe me, it made me smiled for what I witnessed.

A different movie trailer of Star Cinema's 'One more Chance' (starring John Lloyd Cruz & Bea Alonzo)

*Credit for the creator of this. He's really a 2G: Genius and Gifted.

And when the video ended, more video links from other Genius and Gifted people popped out. Here are some:

hehe, even Jun Pyo and Jan Di of Korea's Boys over of Flower couldn't get rid of this.

..and so the hit US cartoon, South Park.

I'm so Proud to be a FILIPINO.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yes! I Gave it My Best!

*Title updated (March 13, 2011), inspired by Rated K

It was an Experiencedefinitely treasured.

Pinoy Big Brother Season 4 Audition
Planetarium Parking, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
March 4, 2011, Friday; 8:00am to 10:15pm

First time to audition, first screening was a rejection.

Of course, I did not take this seriously, since from the start, I just really wanted to experience how to audition to a BIG Show like this.

I saw different people who were really craving to the Fame ‘key’ Big Brother has to offer.

Finally, got my first-ever audition number!

Met new friends.

Signed the waiver.

From thirst and hunger, heat under the sun, fourteen-hour standing, to unending line of auditioneesI experienced all of them.

What took me to audition?(and, what took me not to attend my work last Friday? heee..) Three days before the audition day (that was Tuesday morning), I saw a friend’s status on Facebook stating “Mag-o-audtion ako sa PBB!” That made me Google the PBB’s audition dates and venues, and found out that the nearest venue was SM Mall of Asia (MOA) in Pasay. Thinking that MOA is 1 ½ hours away from Bacoor, Cavite, I was still in my second thought about not continuing the audition, since I believed that this will take me whole day—knowing that I still have to work by 3pm.

Believe me, this is TRUE: I asked God to give me a sign for me to just go and try the audition on Friday. Showing me something in ‘Pink’ was the sign I was begging from Him, and just a day before the audition date, I saw a ‘Pink’ car when I was on my way to work—Ha!!!! This proved me that God is always there to listen to whatever we ask Him... so, GO! Go! GO!

For those who passed the first screening, I whole-heartedly salute you for giving your very best just to enter the house everyone’s dreaming.

And for those who failed—like me: Better luck next time. Always remember what Alexander Graham Bell says “When one door closes, another opens.”

It’s more than a ‘Fulfillment’.

I’m so proud of myself.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Meet and Feel Phil

What: FactSet’s General Assembly
Who: Philip Hadley, Chairman &CEO of FactSet
Where: NBC tent, Taguig City
When: March 3, 2011, Thursday; 1-3:00p

Mr. Philip Hadley was so nice when I asked him if it’s okay to take a photo (with him). I’d just felt ‘Star Struck’ when he began shaking my hand and asked me “How are you?”—out of nothing, I just smiled him back.. hahaha

This event allowed him to have a brief talk about the performance the company is doing, also, he shared his experiences on how he got the position he’s enjoying now—that we must balance our work from all our recreational activities.

My meeting with Mr. Hadley was my first encounter with someone whom I can say ‘Superior’ or has a ‘High-rank’ in this society.

Mabuhay, Mr. Philip Hadley!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Little Bright 'Star'

For the past seven week, she has been my seat matecheat matemy partner in crime.

She’s Little. She’s Bright. She is Star.

Star Burac is the Team W's RPD(with Nikko, of course), HR, Accounting and Medical Representative.

And now that our training ends, I wish that this is just the start of our unending friendship—camaraderie, hehehehe..

Kita-kits sa floor!

Thanks uli sa Earphone! You too made my training days much happy!!!

And the 'W'inner is, Team Camaraderie

Seven weeks of training, seven weeks of fun.
From 22 trainees, only 19 survived.
Each has risked, no one has been a misc.

Training has just ended,
Friendship has just started.
Our ship will never be landed.

We may not perfect all the tests, still, we’re the best.
If one failed his tests,
Ms. Sol is ready to force the rests.

Ms. Sol, our trainer.
We’re such a ‘W’inner, like our own Voyager.

Hurry, hurry, hurry, this is a True Camaraderie.

Discussions, objections,

Remember this:

Every morning is a Sunshine, just follow the right line.
Be ready, ‘cause we’re very much ready to *ketch you!

*maarteng pagbigkas ng catch, hehehe