Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Taking Advantage

Yey! May SM Advantage Card narin ako!

For Php 150.00 registration fee, any holder of this card can earn points every time he/she purchases to any SM stores. And earned points can be redeemed for any consumer products. (Oh di'ba? Parang sales clerk lang ng SM Department Store? Hehe). This is just my secondary reason why I decided to get mine. Primarily because of my irritation (don't get me wrong how I mean it when I say that I become irritated to them) to the cashiers every time I pay my items. UNLI sila? Paulit-ulit! Haha:


Cashier: "Sir, may SM Advantage Card kayo?"
BeKIERful: "Wala po eh."
Cashier"Baka gusto niyong mag-avail?"
BeKIERful: "Hindi na po."
Cashier"Php 150.00 lang po Sir."
BeKIERful: "Hindi po."
Cashier"Magagamit niyo po yun points for..." *blah, blah, blah...


Cashier"Sir, may SM Advantage Card kayo?"
BeKIERful: (Kunin ang SMAC sa wallet, then) "Oh yan!" *hahaha, joke lang ha!

This is just a temporary card . The permanent one will be released (or I can get) after a month from the date of my registration.

From my Mom's experience, sulit ito! She used her earned points for kilo and other ingredients of Spaghetti for my Father's birthday.

Ako kaya, anong item ang mapapalit ko using my points? Mmmm...