Sunday, March 06, 2011

Meet and Feel Phil

What: FactSet’s General Assembly
Who: Philip Hadley, Chairman &CEO of FactSet
Where: NBC tent, Taguig City
When: March 3, 2011, Thursday; 1-3:00p

Mr. Philip Hadley was so nice when I asked him if it’s okay to take a photo (with him). I’d just felt ‘Star Struck’ when he began shaking my hand and asked me “How are you?”—out of nothing, I just smiled him back.. hahaha

This event allowed him to have a brief talk about the performance the company is doing, also, he shared his experiences on how he got the position he’s enjoying now—that we must balance our work from all our recreational activities.

My meeting with Mr. Hadley was my first encounter with someone whom I can say ‘Superior’ or has a ‘High-rank’ in this society.

Mabuhay, Mr. Philip Hadley!

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