Saturday, January 29, 2011

Work, Earn, and SHARE.

My First-Ever Payout!
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Work More.
Earn More.
SHARE the Most.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

ONE Down

I'm very happy for the past week. That is my first week on my first job as an Equity Research Analyst Trainee

Met new friends and adapted new environment. One(week) down, six(weeks) more to come.


Sunday, January 09, 2011

"The End is near. Is March 15th the end of everything?"

Rumors are always Sinful.

I just opened my Facebook profile. And suddenly I noticed that some of my friends are sharing this trending issue in Facebook: "The End is near. March 15th is the end of everything."—And of course, like any one else in this world today, doesn't like nor love it. We are not yet ready to happen this.


With what I understood about this article, this is not TRULY TRUE. []

—Sorry, but SUCK this site!

Spread[-ing] the Good News.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Makati is the Most Disciplined City in Metro Manila

Yesterday morning, when people were on a rush to their offices, I was looking for a Bus with route to Buendia—particularly in front of Shangri-la/Glorietta , Ayala Avenue, Makati—I tried to take a Bus in an UNLOADING shed.

Ayala Avenue
photo borrowed here.

At sobrang nakakahiya. Dahil pagkatapos kong hintayin ang mga bumababa ng Bus, at pag-akyat ko, biglang tanong ng dispatcher: "Sir, kaka-akyat niyo lang po?" at sagot kong: "Opo." at ang sagot niyang kinapahiya ko: "Ay, sorry po, hindi po pwedeng sumakay dito."

Toink! Pahiya!

Grabe, ang dami pa namang nakasakay.

At duon ko talgang napagtantong that "Makati is the Most Disciplined City in Metro Manila."

*photo borrowed here.

I hope Makati is the Capital of the Philippines. I wish Makati is the Philippines.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

I want more, and I want You to give me more

Since the start of the year, my blog's followers start to increase.. and I'm loving it!

This let me post more and more, and force myself to think things/experiences to discuss here.

Hence, I will continue share my stories and hope that everyone of you can relate it.

Thank You!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Don't Compare, Be Unique

At last, I now have a valid reason why I should share this(letter):

Back in our high school, it has been a yearly tradition for senior students to have a retreat/recollection—commonly done in Catholic schoolsheld in Tagaytay. It is one of our school's non-academic activities that mainly focuses in enriching our relationships with our Almighty God, a meditation too.

And so last two days, while looking at my personal things I kept on my own memories' bag, I saw this letter—written by my mother back in high school—when we had our class retreat.

And the letter says: (Dated March 14, 2006)

To Kier,

Siguro ang saya-saya mo ngayon. Alam mo natutuwa ako sa iyo dahil mabait ka at marunong pa. Sana ipagpatuloy mo ang mga naumpisahan mo. Matupad mo ang mga pangarap mo. Lahat ng hirap na nararanasan natin may kapalit yan. Isa lang ang gusto namin ng Papa mo, maging mabuti kayong anak at matapos ninyo ang inyong pag-aaral. Wag kayong makakalimot sa Diyos. Basta Kier, ikaw parin ang The Best para sa amin lahat. I Love You. Ang korni mo. Miss ka na agad ni Honey, Mia at Ly-ai.

Mama & Papa

Isn't it touching?

Aww, It's already been five years.

If you only knew.. This really made me cry when I read this at the corner of the activity area—while seeing my classmates crying too in front of their letters.

And just yesterday afternoon, when I answered a phone call from my former class adviser, she advised me to tell our parents to write a letter to be given to Mia(my younger sister)—who's also studying with the same school. It must be secretly made and passed to them before 10 this morning.

Being the one assigned, I decided to make this letter more special, appealing, and most especially, unique from her classmates'. I searched something that will make my sister interested, and found this brown scrapbook-like notebook from her personal stuffs kept under our parents' bed.

I told our parents and ate to quietly write something for Mia, and signed at the back of it.


I used a tagline: "Mia, The World Traveller" since she's really wanting to be a Flight Attendant someday.

I also wrote different quotable lines I collected from texts I received years ago.
Text quotes I transferred to my organizer.

Cut and pasted different robotics designs and any travel-related things—like NAIA—from our old-edition magazines.

*Umiral na naman ang aking pagiging Creative.. hehe

And the finish product..
A line from one of the quotes: Don't compare, be unique.

The Final say

With this kind of creativeness, I wanted to show her how special she is to us. ☺

To Mia: Put God in everything you do & Enjoy being a teen.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Check on it

[REMINDER: English 'to!]

Prior to my first day in work on Monday, my employer required me to undergo a FREE Medical examination in Makati. I brought with me a sample of my stool, as what required me. As far as I know, this stool must be passed within two hours from collection to prevent contamination. So after collecting it at seven-thirty in the morning, I must pass it at or before 9:30am.

Here's the story marathon: I took an FX for fast transportation from Cavite to Makati. But the driver did not understand what we'd talked about before we left the terminal. I told him to alight me to Makati Medical Center since the Medical Clinic is located at the back of the latter.

[Ang hirap talagang mag-isip ng Ingles, sanayan talaga.]
Kaya naman, imbis na mapadali, napatagal pa ako. Soo.. Todo-Takbo ako mula sa Makati Avenue hanggang Salcedo street. MARATHON 'to!

Iturok mo, baby. Ang dami kong napagdaanang hirap. hehehe. Hindi naman hirap, what I mean is—Challenges. Lalo na nun tinurok na nung assigned Nurse—nurse ata yun—yung napakahabang injection sa ugat ng kanang braso ko. Kakakaba.

Tuwad na. Tinanong ako ng lalaking doktor kung ipapacheck-up ko ang aking maselang bahagi at puwetan, dahil hindi rin naman ito required sa Company. Pero parang, nachallenge na harapin ang aking hiya, kaya biglang sabing "Okay lang po." First time yun!

Mamam. Kailangang uminom ng uminom ng uminom ng uminom ng paulit-ulit ng paulit-ulit ng paulit-ulit ng.. haha, paulit-ulit talaga? para lang maihi, at mapuno itong boteng ito. Eeew.. ang panghi! Yuck!
kadiri.. bumubula-bula pa.

Pagkatapos kong magpa-medical, diretso agad ako sa aking Lualhati—University of the East, Manila, para kunin ang aking Transcript of Records and Diploma. Yet, I still need to wait for 15 working days for release.
Nagpasalin-salin ako ng mga counters para lang mapirmahan ang aking clearance. Pero, I'm so happy na clear ang aking record.

Ang sakit sa paa.

Paa pa ba ito? Nabigla siguro ang aking mga paa sa muli kong paglalakad, kaya naman namumutok at mga nagmumura na sa galit itong mga ugat ko sa paa.
FYI: Paa po ito, hindi puno.

Nirarayuma na ata ako. My legs hurt.

A Good start for the year.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Boom Sha-Ka-La-Ka: Boom, Boom, Boom!

*Hapi Nyu Nyir!!!!*

The Year of Metal Rabbit has just arrived. And for sure, everyone of us will make this year as special and memorable like any other years that passed.

Happy Hippie Birthday 2011!

This is how we do it: Our Welcome party for the new year!

Of course, hindi mawawala ang mga circle-shaped fruits sa mesa. Kahit oval, pede narin.

Bigayan dito, bigayan dun.
Pasta from De Lara Family (my favorite!)
Picture-taking muna bago mag-putukan!

"When I say Jump, you'll say how High?"

Pauso :)

Tantaran.. Tot-torot-torot!

Happy GILAGID! hahaha

Thanks 2010 for giving me my first job-ever!

2011 New Year's Resolution: WORK, EARN, & SHARE.