Saturday, January 01, 2011

Boom Sha-Ka-La-Ka: Boom, Boom, Boom!

*Hapi Nyu Nyir!!!!*

The Year of Metal Rabbit has just arrived. And for sure, everyone of us will make this year as special and memorable like any other years that passed.

Happy Hippie Birthday 2011!

This is how we do it: Our Welcome party for the new year!

Of course, hindi mawawala ang mga circle-shaped fruits sa mesa. Kahit oval, pede narin.

Bigayan dito, bigayan dun.
Pasta from De Lara Family (my favorite!)
Picture-taking muna bago mag-putukan!

"When I say Jump, you'll say how High?"

Pauso :)

Tantaran.. Tot-torot-torot!

Happy GILAGID! hahaha

Thanks 2010 for giving me my first job-ever!

2011 New Year's Resolution: WORK, EARN, & SHARE.

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