Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Penge naman ako nyan!

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Nakaugalian na natin, lalung-lalo na sa ating mga Pilipino, ang pagsulat at pagtago ng mga litrato ng mga bagay na gustong-gusto nating bilhin, o makamit. Ika nga, "Law of Attaction". Ito daw ay isang paraan para tayo'y magkaroon ng mas malakas na loob para ang mga ito'y ating makamtam, hindi man ngayon, kundi sa mga susunod na panahon.

When I watched 'The Secret', a documentary film focusing/emphasizing the "Law of Attraction", I truly agree and believe with it. It gave me, and been giving me the courage that whatever my mind perceive and believe, I WILL SURELY ACHIEVE IT. Aside from having a 'Positive' outlook, we must also have the gut/s to do, achieve whatever things we want to receive or to happen. JUST Stay FOCUS!

I listed below the things that I really, really, really want to have. And I'm definitely sure that I will have them-100%!

A Laptop
I am not an expert in techie gadgets, thus, I don't know what brand of Laptop I really need. But I want it to be either in black or in silver. This portable computer will surely help me in writing my blog posts, update my Facebook and Twitter, and also read other's blogs, articles, and posts, wherever and whenever. But of course, I am thankful that I have this BB. I can still blog, update, and read articles, at the same time, but limited only to its small screen.

A pair of 'Espadrille' shoe

Especially this Summer, it's nice seeing myself wearing a flat, blue-jean Espadrille with a plain color shirt on top and my white fitted 'tokong' my mama gave, while walking on a beach's sea shore! I am really into wearing flats for my feet. Aside from its comfortability, I find it easy to match with other attire, depending on my mood. There are other flat shoes brands selling in the market nowadays, but I'll still go for Espadrille. Go for Original! Love it!

A Travel ticket
For me, travelling would be a best investment. Instead of buying expensive clothes, bags, or high-tech gadgets, I would rather spend my money travelling around the country, or better yet, the world. I would definitely enjoy taking photos from different beautiful sceneries Philippines has, and buy something from that would as my souvenir. Mostly, this Summer, it's fun to visit beautiful beaches here in the country and try different outdoor activites like Snorkling, Zip line, Mountain hiking, and the like. Internationally, I would choose to travel first to Paris, France, and take a pic while an Eiffel Tower is standing at my back; visit their Romeo & Juliet's tourist site; and sit in their love boat while serenading across the street. Secondly, Disneyland USA. My younger sister, Mia, really wants to go here. We're both like riding in extreme rides! And, oh, London, England is one too. It's the best time to visit their newly-wed Duke and Duchess and have a photo with them. -hahaha.

Full Dental braces
Smile makes our day more beautiful. Ever since I was young, I want to have a perfect smile. And with a beautiful smile, I need perfect teeth!

Genuine leather made notebook or organizer
My old needs a new one. A notebook where I can write my plans for a day, and personal contacts. Gusto ko sana yun hindi na spiral, since I am a left-handed, it's difficult for me to write at the right part of it.

A Pure Gold & 100% Silver ring

Any brands, karat, cheap unless with good quality will definitely do, just two rings that can interchangeably suit my right middle finger. Gold, since it's one of my favorite colors, and Silver, just to look simple and elegant.

My Own Digital Camera
We(my family) got our first digicam last two months when Papa won it from their company's party. Better to have my own. This camera will help me capture those memorable memories that I can blog about. Either Canon or Nikon, basta maganda ang pixel.

And lastly..

My Destined Partner
Hahaha, loveless much? Hindi naman ako pihikan eh, basta 'down to earth' or jolog with a very good sense of humor. Demanding pa?

I must, I must, I must, I must, I must, I must, I must, I must, I must, I must, I must, I must, I shall have these!!

That's the spirit!


An SMS from my officemate, Pam

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