Friday, May 29, 2009

Secrecy In Me

Secrecy in me?

This is one of my secret’s revelations that I will make as far as I am concern, I think.
But not too serious secret.

What is really this?

It goes like this –-

When I took my first major subject -- Financial Accounting Part 1, last school year 2007-2008, second semester –

I was once a FAILURE.

I really don’t know the reason why I was so.
I did everything a student must do ---
advanced reading,
do their assignments,
or –-

The fast beat of my heart embraced me when I saw the scariest grade of five (5.00) written along the subject at the time our grades were released.

I definitely cried –- as my mom told me to stop crying by means that its okay.

It was hard for me to recover.

But I told myself that this was just the beginning of my college’s journey for my future career’s success.

I will not let myself be a LOSER forever, and I will never SURRENDER.

Take second chance.

Trust yourself.

Try and try.

See, I made it!

Likewise, it is also hard for me to keep this secret to my friends and especially to my father –- who doubtingly think why I shifted from BS Accountancy to BS Management Accounting course.

Honestly, this is one of the reasons why I did shift, aside from waiting for five long years of taking BSA major –- since BSMGA takes only four years.

To all my friends there, this is the true story behind my secret.
One of my big secrets is finally revealed --

NOTE: A grade of five (5.00) is equivalent to 70% and below, while 2.25 ranges from 80-82%.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, Ma.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
To all Men and Women,

This Mother's Day, I would like to greet my mother who has been as such as..

Beautiful,  blithe, bountiful, bright;
Efficient, energetic, excellent, explicit;
Radiant, refined, reliable, religious, remarkable, respectable, rich, royal;
Nice, noble, notorious;
Abiding, absolute, above-board, abundant, accountable, active;
Dear, decent, delicate, delightful, determinate, different, diligent, dutiful;
Educated, elegant, endless, evermore, expressive;
Tender, terrific, thoughtful, tractable;
Tranquil, transparent, truthful;
Enchanting, eternal, expidious, extraordinary, and extravagant.

Mrs. BERNADETTE Bartolome - Cuevas

Happy Mother's Day Ma,

Thank you for everything,


KIER Cuevas