Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Post script

Hayeee! Gulat kayo? Hehe. Syempre hindi pa. Kasi hindi niyo pa natatapos itong tinype ko.

Mamimiss ko (namin) kayo!

Ginawa ko ito dahil hindi kasya kung isusulat ko lahat sa card. Hindi naman ako selfish sa space. Hehe.

Akala ko dati mayabang ka. Yun nagtanong ako sayo about sa auto-calc ng B/S. Sabi mo: “Anong auto-calc? Auto-Copy!” haha. Sorry naman.

Pero hindi naman pala. Behave ka din pala.

Don't worry, hindi kita aagawin kay Farrah. hehe

I remember our first day sa floor, yun sa shuttle. Hindi pa tayo close nun. Pagpasok niyo ni Dats sa shuttle, tawa kayo nang tawa. Hindi niyo ako pinansin nun. Sabi ko tuloy "Ang susuplada naman nitong dalawang 'to!" Kaya hanggang ngayon, hindi ko parin maisip na magiging close tayo. Drama ba Mommy?

Monday, February 27, 2012


February 24, 2012, Friday Lunch with Team Vhong at Dad's Glorietta 3, Makati

Got to experience—first time—this eat-all-you-can Filipino/Japanese/Italian/and other cuisines buffet of Dad’s Saisaki & Kamayan in Glo 3. For Php  665.00, and to fully enjoy the buffet experience, we need to skip our breakfast to get ready for all the dishes this resto offers. Yee! Charaaaap talagaaa!! Burp

Main dish


Sunday, February 26, 2012

One Of A Kind Philippines: Aklan

Happened January 14-17, 2012

To start the year right, we crossed and exited the Manila area for Kalibo, Aklan. This trip was booked last year by Herlyn, our Travel Buddy + a Wanderer, she said. I met their girlfriend Ralei. She's my new girlfriend too.

Our stay (from Day 1 to 4th) in Kalibo was unforgettable to all of us. We were hospitably welcomed by Herlyn's relatives (both parents’ side). Slept and ate, slept and ate and ate. Bum.

We were lucky to witness two of Kalibo's Ati-Atihan activities: took photos with different nationalities wearing their weirdest costumes, and sang/danced with Live Band in their Night Street Party.

Define sweat. haha

Define Trekking. I trekked. We trekked. To visit her Grandmother, we need to cross forest-like barrio. And due to consecutive days of raining, we hardly passed the way with mud. First time to experience. So now, define Enjoy.

The trip was nothing without experiencing Philippines' No. 1 Tourist Summer DestinationBoracay!
We bar hopped, did island-hopping, snorkelling, rode a banana boat, and dived about fourteen feet below the sea.

haha, parang Zombie lang yun mata ko dito!

More of our Helmet Diving experience here.
"Serious Feeding"

Again and again.. Herlyn, Thank You! This would be impossible without You! :)

It's really more fun here in the Philippines!~

+credits to Paola Quilaton, Rose Ann Santos, and Herlyn Retoriano for these wonderful photos.