Friday, August 27, 2010

This Made My Day, Special

(Updated: August 29, 2010)

For Everybody's Information, I was born at exactly 10:10pm of August 27, 1989, at Dr. Pedro Gil Lying-In Clinic in Manila. I am a Virgoan.

On this day, I am celebrating my 21 years of existence.

So, what were the gift(things) that made this day so special to me?

Gift 001
This 'was my first surprise gift for this day!
It's all started this morning, around 6:30am, when my younger sister, Mia, told me that it’s already time to wake up. And when I opened our room’s door, I surprisingly saw this banner.

Then, Mia, Mama, my aunt Hasmin, and Manang ‘Momay’ greeted me.

After I took a bath, my friends started greeting me via SMS.

Around 10:45am, my first class; Karen, Donna, Charisse, and the rest of the class greeted me.

Around 12:20pm, Lunch break; I received a Greeting text from Fenkship, Jason. Then my other friends followed, Kim, and Stephany.

Gift 002
At around 2:15pm, MS2 class; I heard my first ‘Birthday song’ from my classmates.

Gift 003
A Cream-O Biscuit from my classmate, Mr. Formento.

Gift 004
A Bonus point from our first Midterms quiz in MS2.

Gift 005
BL3 class, around 5:10pm; I heard my second ‘Birthday song’ from my classmates since second year..
..and gave me a Banana cake courtesy of Gleah.

Gift 006
For the last time, a ‘Birthday song’ from my Advanced Acctg. Class.

Gift 007
A text—straight from Tripoli, Libya—from my brother, HB.

Gift 008
More than 68 friends who greeted me on my Facebook Wall.
Even my Yahoo! Mail, greeted me!

Gift 008
A leather wallet form our neighbors, Tito Ben and Tita Mildred.

Gift 009
Dan Erick's Ice Cream from our long-time neighbor, Ate Lilette.

You all guys made this day special for me. I may not treat you for this day, but I promise to make it up on some other time, for some other ways.

Thank you!

Loves you much,

KIER, 20.. now, 21.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oops, Never Ever Give Up

My sister Mia, had their recollection activity held in their school yesterday. She told me that they had a great time regenerating lives' lessons. She also shared to me a video that they watched—in connection with this activity—that made her cry. So, I asked her to send me the link of this video. She found it on YouTube:

While watching this, I was about to cry also, most especially the part when 'the Runner' fell on the floor due to his leg and tried to run again. 

I admire him.

He just showed me that reaching your goals must be complimented with full-perseverance, faith, and confidence. = NEVER GIVING UP.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MVP is My Valuable Pose

Respecting other's privacy is important. (tamaaa!!)

Just this night, James Yap, a University of the East Alumnus, went to our College Department.

For your information, I am not James' BIG Fan or a Basketball Fan either, but since everyone were attached to Mr. Yap a while ago, I tried to be attached too. hehehe..

This was my first time to stand beside a Celebrity and smile in front of a camera. I don't use to do this. Why? Simply because, I find it cheap—please, don't get me wrong!— when people panicking and/or yelling just to take a photo with their lifetime Idol.

Sorry, but I am not against those people, and I cannot blame them. This is just my perception.

*Thanks to Mona and Yves for the photos.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You're Such A WEIRDO

*This photo is borrowed from

Last night, when I was about to go home form school, I was sitting beside a young girl—I think she’s still a student since she’s wearing a white polo uniform on top and a green skirt on bottom. She was carrying her things—if I’m not mistaken, those were books and other school things. We were four, seating at the back seat of the utility van. She’s beside the window, me, an old school teacher, and her male student.

It’s almost 8 in the evening. After we all paid our own fare, her actions suddenly got my attention.

She was moving her head and hands in a circular direction while murmuring. She’s talking with no one.

I felt disturbed, while my other seat mates were busy talking. Is she still normal?

It’s kinda WEIRDo.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happily Perfect

At 1:00 in the afternoon the Business Administration College—our college—started its General Assembly with this year's theme: "B.A.G.A.y Tayo!"—It's an entertainment event that showcases Business Administration people's talents every year. Here, different organizations and faculty members are seen with their own performances—whether singing or dancing.

This was my last chance to witness this gathering, since this will be my last semester in College.
A couple of minutes before we entered the UE Theater.
Peace KC!
Before the show started, I did Jenny's favor to video her while performing on stage.
with Karen; after Jenny's performance
this is the Last!

After this event—by 4pm—I bought a Lanyard(or ID Lace) from our organization JPAMA or Junior Philippine Association of Management Accountants.
Lanyard for P95 only!

Got this day Perfect!

Friday, August 06, 2010

This is not 'Heavenly' at all

Karen and I ordered in an Eatery(inside a Food court) for our lunch outside our school along Gastambide street. This eatery named 'Heavenly' serves Original Filipino Disheson a Sizzling Plate. We both ordered Fish Fillet with Sweet and Sour Sauce. But instead of complimenting it with Java rice—which I did, Karen chose Plain rice. I also ordered an extra rice, because I was really really hungry at that time! The assigned server—and I think she's also the owner of the Eatery—gave us the Serving number and told us to wait for a couple of minutes.

After waiting for minutes, here comes the Lady server carrying our ordered dish.


The dish fooled me. It's looks too yummy, but not. It was cooked(wrapped) with scrambled egg, and poured with sauce made in tomato sauce, tomatoes, and garlic. And tasted like Drugs(Medicines). Yeah, it likes you're eating a dish soaked in drugs for several days. I felt too dizzy with it's taste and smell. So I just left the 3/4 of my extra rice unfinished.

This is not 'Heavenly' at all.