Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MVP is My Valuable Pose

Respecting other's privacy is important. (tamaaa!!)

Just this night, James Yap, a University of the East Alumnus, went to our College Department.

For your information, I am not James' BIG Fan or a Basketball Fan either, but since everyone were attached to Mr. Yap a while ago, I tried to be attached too. hehehe..

This was my first time to stand beside a Celebrity and smile in front of a camera. I don't use to do this. Why? Simply because, I find it cheap—please, don't get me wrong!— when people panicking and/or yelling just to take a photo with their lifetime Idol.

Sorry, but I am not against those people, and I cannot blame them. This is just my perception.

*Thanks to Mona and Yves for the photos.

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