Friday, August 06, 2010

This is not 'Heavenly' at all

Karen and I ordered in an Eatery(inside a Food court) for our lunch outside our school along Gastambide street. This eatery named 'Heavenly' serves Original Filipino Disheson a Sizzling Plate. We both ordered Fish Fillet with Sweet and Sour Sauce. But instead of complimenting it with Java rice—which I did, Karen chose Plain rice. I also ordered an extra rice, because I was really really hungry at that time! The assigned server—and I think she's also the owner of the Eatery—gave us the Serving number and told us to wait for a couple of minutes.

After waiting for minutes, here comes the Lady server carrying our ordered dish.


The dish fooled me. It's looks too yummy, but not. It was cooked(wrapped) with scrambled egg, and poured with sauce made in tomato sauce, tomatoes, and garlic. And tasted like Drugs(Medicines). Yeah, it likes you're eating a dish soaked in drugs for several days. I felt too dizzy with it's taste and smell. So I just left the 3/4 of my extra rice unfinished.

This is not 'Heavenly' at all.

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