Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tsk, tsk Day

I started my day with a smile on my face, hoping that this would be a great day I’ve always wanted to be. I already did what I am supposed to do yesterday—review, study, and review, since this week is a Prelim Exam week. By 9:45am, I went to school 45 minutes earlier than our class time.

Picture, picture... owoo ooohh, ooowoh!

We even took pictures before our professor arrived. When Professor Robles had arrived, he wrote something in the board for us to take down to our ¼ sheet of yellow paper. It was an equation to get our Preliminary grade for his subject course, Business Policy. He called our names one-by-one, and got our own Prelim Exam paper.

I was totally shocked when I saw mine. Imagine, I got a grade of 16(out of 50 items) for an equivalent percentage of 66 ONLY. Tsk, tsk. This was really unexpected. I thought I would get higher than this, like 28, 30, or higher. When I was answering his exam, there were several items that I really don’t know especially in Enumeration part.

To conclude, I got a 78.8 or 79 percent for Prelim. And I am really hoping and determining myself to exert much effort to get a grade what I deserve most.

Before my class day ended, I took our Advanced Accounting exam. And as usual, to all the topics I hardly reviewed, all the questions and problems were came from those topics that I did not scanned even for a snap. I hope that even tough this week was not good to me, my lifetime would be as great as I'll ever be. Naks!

P.S. I am almost getting my blog Followers here. A Warm Thank you, thank you, thank you to All!
I hope you guys would continue staying in touch with my stories and learn from it as well.

Have a Happy weekend to everyone.

This has been another KIERispy story of KIER Cuevas.

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