Friday, August 27, 2010

This Made My Day, Special

(Updated: August 29, 2010)

For Everybody's Information, I was born at exactly 10:10pm of August 27, 1989, at Dr. Pedro Gil Lying-In Clinic in Manila. I am a Virgoan.

On this day, I am celebrating my 21 years of existence.

So, what were the gift(things) that made this day so special to me?

Gift 001
This 'was my first surprise gift for this day!
It's all started this morning, around 6:30am, when my younger sister, Mia, told me that it’s already time to wake up. And when I opened our room’s door, I surprisingly saw this banner.

Then, Mia, Mama, my aunt Hasmin, and Manang ‘Momay’ greeted me.

After I took a bath, my friends started greeting me via SMS.

Around 10:45am, my first class; Karen, Donna, Charisse, and the rest of the class greeted me.

Around 12:20pm, Lunch break; I received a Greeting text from Fenkship, Jason. Then my other friends followed, Kim, and Stephany.

Gift 002
At around 2:15pm, MS2 class; I heard my first ‘Birthday song’ from my classmates.

Gift 003
A Cream-O Biscuit from my classmate, Mr. Formento.

Gift 004
A Bonus point from our first Midterms quiz in MS2.

Gift 005
BL3 class, around 5:10pm; I heard my second ‘Birthday song’ from my classmates since second year..
..and gave me a Banana cake courtesy of Gleah.

Gift 006
For the last time, a ‘Birthday song’ from my Advanced Acctg. Class.

Gift 007
A text—straight from Tripoli, Libya—from my brother, HB.

Gift 008
More than 68 friends who greeted me on my Facebook Wall.
Even my Yahoo! Mail, greeted me!

Gift 008
A leather wallet form our neighbors, Tito Ben and Tita Mildred.

Gift 009
Dan Erick's Ice Cream from our long-time neighbor, Ate Lilette.

You all guys made this day special for me. I may not treat you for this day, but I promise to make it up on some other time, for some other ways.

Thank you!

Loves you much,

KIER, 20.. now, 21.


  1. haha!:)) I love it..!! im so happy for u! happy birthday agen..;)
    Love love rheena <3

  2. Wow! I sooooo lurve this post, in a MAJOR MAJOR way! Hahaha! Belated!

  3. Very nice! Keep on...

  4. Thanks for all your Greetings, Girls.. :D