Sunday, February 28, 2010

Forget Me; Forget Me Not

A minute ago, I was sitting on our study inside my room, trying to answer and solve our New Take Home Comprehensive Quiz in Advanced Accounting. And now, I am here, blogging new entry as a result of frustration from answering the quiz. Promise, it’s really difficult. The quiz is composed of one long, 3 page problem with different accounting scenarios covering all the lessons we’ve discussed from the start of the semester that I almost forgot—Comprehensive, isn’t it? Toink! This quiz is a group work of three members anyway, but I am pretty sure that my other two group mates will really find it difficult too. Oh my, how can we do it?—Can we really do it? Can we pass it on March 5, Friday? Toink! Toink! Toink! again.

By the way, I’ve been encouraging  myself to write a blog since this afternoon, and write something about people whom I hate most—not most at the time. But of course I will not name their names. They will just remain quietly secret.

I hate…
  • You! For being too baby talk at all times—times when I talk to you.
  • You! Who love joking me that I find it not too funny but insulting.
  • You! Who don’t care me when I show my being caring to you—EMO? HH.
  • You! Who I think changed a lot—as in Your being You when I met You when we were in High school.
  • You! For being too boastful with everything you do.
  • You! For being too cheap—with words You use, and actions You do.
  • You! Who laugh at me every time I make mistakes especially when I say grammatically incorrect English sentences.
  • You! For being too bossy.

I started forgetting others.—hhhmmm… I’ll just try to update this when I remember them.



Friday, February 26, 2010

Binalot Kayo Diyan!

Our business, the Taste of the East | Binalot FoodShop is a partnership type of business that offers different variety of Binalot meals. It is called Binalot since the whole meal is wrapped in banana leaf. This is the traditional style of how early Filipinos prepare their meals then. It clearly depicted how creative and intelligent are the Filipinos since the beginning of our race. Because of that, our group had decided to mark again the rebirth of that unforgettable style that had remained and deeply rooted in our hearts and we are now making it happen in reality.

Binalot meals are all Pinoy food classics in order to achieve full customer satisfaction and to promote love for our Filipino recipes as well. This business will not only operate for profit purposes but also to promote nationalism in our country today. Together with it, we are also very much willing to be of help to our countrymen in providing employment opportunities and also to our country’s national growth.

Taste of the East | Binalot FoodShop

Only in  UE - Manila EV Cafe


Binalot 1 - Tortang Talong
*with Rice, Salted Egg, & Tomato
for only  Php 30.00

Binalot 2 - Longanisa
*with Rice, Salted Egg, & Tomato
for only  Php 35.00

Binalot 3 - Corned Beef
*with Rice, Salted Egg, & Tomato
for only  Php 35.00

Binalot 4 - Pork Tocino
*with Rice, Salted Egg, & Tomato
for only  Php 38.00

Binalot 5 - Sisig
*with Rice, Salted Egg, & Tomato
for only  Php 38.00

Iced Tea
for only  Php 8.00

Kain na!

*Taste of the East | Binalot FoodShop is a DTI registered.

Binalot Kayo Diyan—Ay, La Na Pala!

Hayyy… Natapos na rin ang halos apat na buwang pagdurusa sa pagtitinda ng aming sariling Binalot. Halos apat na buwang hindi mapaliwanag na mga pangyayaring aming kinagimbal at talaga namang kinagulat bilang mga estudyante at bilang baguhang young entrepreneurs. At sa wakas, mababawasan narin ang mga pasakit sa amin this semester—ang E.V. 2. KAhit halos Php 15,000+ loss kami last Prelim at nakabawi ng Php 81.00 profit last Midterm, sobra-sobrang kasiayahan naman ang aming nararamdaman ngayong pagtatapos. Simula na ng bagong yugto ng aming pagsasapalaran sa pagnenegosyo—ang Liquidation or the winding up and ending of all our business affairs.

Kayang-kaya kung sama-sama.

TOP(left-right): Beth, Me, Norie, Aliah
BOTTOM(left-right): Nel, Ladz, (Head Adviser)Prof. Castillo, Analyn, and Lucille

I'll Miss You Guys!

Halos mga 5pm na akong natapos sa Bagong Automated Voting System ng UE. Galing, in all fairness—Just press and click! Napilit din akong bumoto. Exercise your Vote daw eh. Congrats sa mga nanalo. For those losers, better luck next time!