Sunday, February 28, 2010

Forget Me; Forget Me Not

A minute ago, I was sitting on our study inside my room, trying to answer and solve our New Take Home Comprehensive Quiz in Advanced Accounting. And now, I am here, blogging new entry as a result of frustration from answering the quiz. Promise, it’s really difficult. The quiz is composed of one long, 3 page problem with different accounting scenarios covering all the lessons we’ve discussed from the start of the semester that I almost forgot—Comprehensive, isn’t it? Toink! This quiz is a group work of three members anyway, but I am pretty sure that my other two group mates will really find it difficult too. Oh my, how can we do it?—Can we really do it? Can we pass it on March 5, Friday? Toink! Toink! Toink! again.

By the way, I’ve been encouraging  myself to write a blog since this afternoon, and write something about people whom I hate most—not most at the time. But of course I will not name their names. They will just remain quietly secret.

I hate…
  • You! For being too baby talk at all times—times when I talk to you.
  • You! Who love joking me that I find it not too funny but insulting.
  • You! Who don’t care me when I show my being caring to you—EMO? HH.
  • You! Who I think changed a lot—as in Your being You when I met You when we were in High school.
  • You! For being too boastful with everything you do.
  • You! For being too cheap—with words You use, and actions You do.
  • You! Who laugh at me every time I make mistakes especially when I say grammatically incorrect English sentences.
  • You! For being too bossy.

I started forgetting others.—hhhmmm… I’ll just try to update this when I remember them.



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