Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year, New Life

What does New Year’s resolution really mean?

According to my pocket dictionary installed on my cell phone, Resolution is a firm decision or determination.

“ A New Year's Resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. “ [Wikipedia.com]
As I have understood from the statements above, it is simply a self-disciplined behavior or a way of life that a man tries to change or avoid as the New Year comes. New Year, New Life.

I cited my own New Year’s resolution hoping and praying that I can make or avoid. Namely:

1. Prioritize God’s words first. Never ever sleep at night without praying. Continue thanking Him for every new life he will give us. Commit zero percent sins that are either bad as wrong or as unrightfully as immoral behaviors.

2. Harden my studies. Read next lessons in advance. Complete answering home works and take home exercises more importantly in accounting courses. Have guts to recite. Emphasize English speaking. Attain 1.0+ grades in all academic courses.

3. Offer a helpin. Help those in need as much as I can. Teach them (classmates) the lessons they exactly don’t know. Coach them to study hard.

4. Love my family, friends, classmates and neighbors. Offer a helping hand. Stop teasing them. Avoid thinking something against them. Care them. Pray those who need God’s support. Collect friends not enemies.

5. Heart myself; Love yourself as you love others. Don’t think other’s murmurs. Take problem as jokes to laugh. Laugh more. Show a smiling face. Move with a good posture. Always thing positively. Earn respect from others. Speak and act right. Be a winner not a loser or failure. Beautify inside and out. Don’t be too selfish. Gain more self-esteem. Be humble always. Don’t take too much pride. Be the best that I can become. Lead not follow.

Have a Glorious 2009!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Connected 24EVER

Barkada Challenge!

We (L-R: Aiza, Dan, Roann, our leader - Kaycee, and I) were the Chillax as we did this photo shoot (to earn 20 pts) for Globe's Barkada Challenge photowall in our school, for a chance to win Php10,000 (for the highest point-earner group on the end of the challenge week). Unfortunately, we didn't make it!

*I was the one who named our group Chillax, got from Globe's flag we're holding.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Age Changes; Human Ages

" If wrinkles must be written on our face, so be it -
but let it not be written on our hearts,
for our spirit should never grow old... "


August 27 has just passed again. I maybe turned 19 today, but yet, the smile on my face still shows my existence.

19 is as ordinary as other numbers for me. I just see it as a numeral representation after counting from 1 to 18.

I celebrated my 19th birthday as usual day. From house to school, from school to house. There were no prepared food to gather, gifts to unwrap, and even presence of visitors at all. But that's not the way I measure this special day of my life

Good health for me and my family, here and abroad; continue receiving a quality education; moreover; guidance and divine providence from God, are 100.99% enough than a Mac book I've been wishing to have. Likewise, the greetings I received from my family when I woke up from bed are much meaningful than a quick, simple SMS birthday greeting from one of my close friends that I've been expecting to open and read until this 10:13 in the evening.

Above all, the importance; support; love; and care my family, especially my mother, gives me, topped my greatest life's satisfaction. Remember, " Learn to appreciate what you HAVE, before times forces you to appreciate what you HAD. "

Tuesday, April 22, 2008



I've made my own blog!

First, I would like to thank myself for encouraging my brain to force my  fingers to write my whole life here in my own blog. But, before anything else, I have no idea what things I will write here, and how it will be.

Did you know why I decided to make this blog?!

It's primarily because,, I want to widen my English proficiency by simply writing.

My English professor once told our class that she used to write a love letter in English while she was in college, it was her way to practice her English proficiency (nice idea, huh?!).

I also want to prove to those people (who once teased me about my English knowledge) that I cannot just write but also speak using the universal language. So, I hope that this can help me a lot to improve not just myself but my esteem and confidence too.. But don't worry, I'll also write in Filipino (ang hirap kayang i-translate yung ibang English words sa Filipino!). 

I also made this because I want to share a piece of me, from my own thoughts and opinions, and of course storytellings.