Tuesday, April 22, 2008



I've made my own blog!

First, I would like to thank myself for encouraging my brain to force my  fingers to write my whole life here in my own blog. But, before anything else, I have no idea what things I will write here, and how it will be.

Did you know why I decided to make this blog?!

It's primarily because,, I want to widen my English proficiency by simply writing.

My English professor once told our class that she used to write a love letter in English while she was in college, it was her way to practice her English proficiency (nice idea, huh?!).

I also want to prove to those people (who once teased me about my English knowledge) that I cannot just write but also speak using the universal language. So, I hope that this can help me a lot to improve not just myself but my esteem and confidence too.. But don't worry, I'll also write in Filipino (ang hirap kayang i-translate yung ibang English words sa Filipino!). 

I also made this because I want to share a piece of me, from my own thoughts and opinions, and of course storytellings.


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