Friday, August 13, 2010

Happily Perfect

At 1:00 in the afternoon the Business Administration College—our college—started its General Assembly with this year's theme: "B.A.G.A.y Tayo!"—It's an entertainment event that showcases Business Administration people's talents every year. Here, different organizations and faculty members are seen with their own performances—whether singing or dancing.

This was my last chance to witness this gathering, since this will be my last semester in College.
A couple of minutes before we entered the UE Theater.
Peace KC!
Before the show started, I did Jenny's favor to video her while performing on stage.
with Karen; after Jenny's performance
this is the Last!

After this event—by 4pm—I bought a Lanyard(or ID Lace) from our organization JPAMA or Junior Philippine Association of Management Accountants.
Lanyard for P95 only!

Got this day Perfect!

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