Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You're Such A WEIRDO

*This photo is borrowed from sikhpark.com

Last night, when I was about to go home form school, I was sitting beside a young girl—I think she’s still a student since she’s wearing a white polo uniform on top and a green skirt on bottom. She was carrying her things—if I’m not mistaken, those were books and other school things. We were four, seating at the back seat of the utility van. She’s beside the window, me, an old school teacher, and her male student.

It’s almost 8 in the evening. After we all paid our own fare, her actions suddenly got my attention.

She was moving her head and hands in a circular direction while murmuring. She’s talking with no one.

I felt disturbed, while my other seat mates were busy talking. Is she still normal?

It’s kinda WEIRDo.


  1. aha i think shes a wierdo like all of us:)

  2. i like how i can comment here, nice feature:)