Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's the Law of Attraction

“Whatever my mind conceives and believes... I can achieve.” 

This affirmation taught by Professor Cariño, had been our routine every time we end our class in my previous Speech class. For what I understand to this, all the things that we think or repeatedly think, may happen. Or like what the documentary movie, The Secret, saysit’s the Law of Attraction!

I noticed that every time I think of an event or a scenario in general, it happens. True! Like what happened three hours before I wrote this post.

I was about to alight from a PUV-FX and preparing for my next ride to home. I took my wallet from my bag to get a 10 pesos faresince I’m still a student. I saw three 100 and a 20 peso bill. So, I got the 20 peso bill. Before I alight from the vehicle, I was looking to the right spot for the driver to stop, and imagining what if I lost this bill. This might shorten my weekly savings; since 20 pesos is quiet much.

I said “Dito nalang po ako.”, and stepped out of the FX. When I’m about to pay the Jeepney fare, I just noticed that the 20 peso bill was missing. Oh (Toink!), where did I place it? I really don't know!

See, it just happened. The Law of Attraction works.

There is another instance when I was thinking prior from our actual quiz—what if I got zero—meaning, 100% wrong. And you know what? It happened too. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

I now believe to the power of what the Affirmation and Law of Attraction state. Simply believing to the Power of your Mind, and the Power of your Body will do the Rest.

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