Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oh, Marky Boi!

Aside to my own personal pick feature my blogs have now, I'll be featuring also other personalities or people whose inspire, teach me, and look up to, on their own different ways.

My first spot, my batchmate/officemate, Mark "Mark-y" Nival. Yown!

Honestly speaking, from all our men officemates, Marky has been so nice to our batch. Sorry guys, but Marky is the only one who's not that 'KJ-Kill Joy' with whatever 'trip' we make. Game na Game! Isn't he?

From the day our batchmates exchanged our cp numbers, Marky never misses to forward all inspiring SMS his phone stores.

Go Marky!, in inspiring your friends with these simple, substance with life's lessons messages:

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