Friday, January 29, 2010

Entreps Exposed Experience

We only prepared few—since, we just observed if it will catch the attention of every people inside the Hall, and buy it.

We—my EV-mates and I—went to SM Megamall – Mega trade Hall for an Entrepreneurs Fair/Exhibit. It is one of the requirements for our Entrepreneurial Venture subject course, and may be an experience for us for choosing the world of Business Industry. On this Exhibit that will end this Sunday, every group presents their own products to people who are coming in to the Hall. And of course for our group, we presented our own Binalot

I would honestly say that it was my first time again to go SM Megamall—I really felt too ignorant to those stores I do not usually see to Malls I use to visit.

We took this opportunity to take photos all over the Exhibit Hall and other parts of the Mall—like in the Art Gallery, where we saw different Artworks from different Filipino Artists. 

From all the Artworks, the Smoking Bob Marley look-alike caught my attention. I appreciate the Artist for making it detailed—like its braided hair.

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