Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Showtime

Along with my office mates Gem, Rose, Chen, and Herlyn, we went to ABS-CBN's Building and got the chance to watch Showtime live. We need to sleep for only two hours(from 2-4am) just to make it.

We were toured around the TV Network before watching Showtime. Went to the studio where shows like ASAP Rocks, Rated K and TodaMax tape. We also learned that their cameras can manipulate these studios, that they can be widened when shown to our TV screens compare to its 'narrow' actual size.

We saw MYX's VJ Iya Villania and TV Patrol News Anchor Ted Failon while making a tour.

While waiting for the Showtime to air, we were first choreographed four dance steps that were kind of simple, but with a limited space from where we stood, it made us bump to each other.

SCREAM slash YELL slash CLAP slash LAUGH, had all experience inside the Showtime studio. 

Before going to work at 3pm, we first had our lunch in Glorietta 4. Sort of tiredness and sleepiness felt in our eyes after it. 

Tiring yet enjoyed. :)

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