Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bayeee 2011, Hayeee 2012!

It may not be like yours, but year 2011 had been my best as of now. I started it with my first job ever after finishing college in November 2010. With that, my simplest dreams followed one by one. To name a few, I was able to travel to two beautiful destinations here in the country: Zambales, and Ilocos.

I was able to visit ABS-CBN and watch Showtime live.

I was able to transform(naks!) myself in wearing what I'd planned for months in our company's Christmas party, haha.

And before the year ends, I was able to meet our quota!

These may be the simplest dreams compare to yours, but I treasure them and look forward to more big surprises Year 2012 will be giving me. At his best, I Thank God for these.


Ako Kyir.
Hapi Nyu Nyir!

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