Sunday, September 09, 2012

23rd BeKIERful Day

August 27, 2012; Monday (a regular holiday, is it because it’s my 23 birthday?)

Aside to our family, this day can be made special if we celebrate it with the most beautiful and great people we have—friends!

Even if it was a regular holiday, I made sure I did those things I planned a week before my day:
A Dinner treat for my office mates-travel buddies (for sure, they’ll give me their gifts—which they did! Haha)

A luggage bag from the most beautiful people above,  hehe

And speaking of gifts—which we’ve been expecting since the day ‘birthday’ was born—here are my birthday greetings and presents I got on this day (some of which are from my wish list, whew!):
1from my sister Mia & Mama 2from my sweetest employer 3from my office mate-friend Christine Dagohoy 4from my sister Mia again 5from my office mate-friend Pamela Mondez 6office mate-best teammate-friend Rose Ann Santos
1a Macaron de Paris from TLF from my office mate-best teammate-friend Rose Ann Santos 2a luggage suit case from my best office-travel buddies(girls above) 3a Terranova scarf from my office mate-friend Joyce Mayugba 4a mini-radio from my best Team Vhong 5a synthetic letter and a brass ring from my office mate-friend Kei Veran

Yes, I'm now 23. And my next plans? Let see what my future would be. 

+ + + + +

Thank You to All of You who makes not just my birthday but my every day, so.. sooo special! Mwah! :-* ILoveYouGuys!

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