Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nothing or Something UPDATE

As the title suggests, this is really the something I was saying from my previous blog.

Last Monday, I confronted my Chemistry professor and asked him if I can take my Final exam on that moment – because our scheduled examination was really today. He said that it is fine to him, and after couple of minutes, he gave us an options – whether to take the exam or just accept our Midterm grade to be our Final grade. I did not anymore think of it, though, I immediately nodded to his second option – my 1.25 grade is back! I really thank him, since, like what I have posted here previously, my Final seat works’ scores here in my Chemistry class were all low unlike last Prelim and of course, Midterm – what I really love most.

Therefore, I again conclude that for every bad day we have or we will have, there is a better day for us more than we expect.

Anyway, yesterday was the start of my summer vacation – my, because some of my other classmates still attend their classes today until tomorrow. But this time, my usual two-month vacation will decrease to one, since I need to attend class/summer class to cope up for those minor subjects I left – it’s okay, so that I can spend the rest of my summer months worthily. So, cheer up to the summer’s heat!

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