Friday, April 03, 2009

Just Keep Enjoying Thank You UPDATE

Last Wednesday, April 1, the night before I sleep, I had received a text message from my classmate saying that our Final grades were already released in our own Student’s Portal. “This is it! “ – I told myself. I really felt nervous to the grades I might receive in Financial Accounting 2 – my difficult major subject, because my classmate’s text message was saying that He failed and got 5.00. I was talking to myself whether to see my grades or just make it by tomorrow. I studied, thought positively, and prayed very hard for it. So, when I opened my Portal, I was really expecting that I would not repeat the subject for the second time around.

All the prayers… were answered!

I got 3.00, which may know for its 75 percent of passing or 50:50 mode. I couldn’t even speak.

Before I go to sleep, I thanked God for all the strength and faith he has given me for the past months, especially on the times I felt that I must quit, and to myself, for keeping believing and thinking in a positive way. Likewise, just yesterday, I texted all my classmates who may think that their journey had ended. Told them:

Keep believing. Keep holding God’s hand.

Thank you,

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