Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jeni, Juno | Movie Review

Category: Movies
Genre: Romantic Comedy

I gave this film a 5-star rate as it showed the Dramatic-Romantic-Comedic moments everyone may/has experienced during their adolescence days, especially to those boyfriends/girlfriends who made their unexpected future baby.

How will they cope with it?

The main actors (Min-ji Park as Jeni and Hye-sung Kim as Juno) portrayed their roles as real as in reality. As a matter of fact, it was adopted by America's 20th Century Fox who introduced Michael Cera and Ellen Page as their own Jeni and Juno. But there was a little bit of twist on their version like their main actor's character name. But I guess, many viewers would go for its Korean version, since, they truly acted their scenes with full drama, romance, and comedy.

I really admire Koreans in widening their creativity to make original and captivating story line. Unlike Filipino Film Makers who only stick to 'pang-masa/makamasa' stories – that you can easily distinguish its ending at the start. Agree?

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