Saturday, July 11, 2009

Of Course, I Am Not A Thief—Why Am I?—Just A Keeper

Is either getting or keeping similar to stealing?

Before our class started I sat on the professor’s chair with its drawer-typed table. I saw different trashy stuffs on the drawer when I opened it—scratch papers, plastics, old book, and a Staedler eraser which tagged Php 8.75. Few meetings prior to that, I was observing if someone has his braveness to get the same. But no one did. So, I did not hesitate to get and keep it—Finder’s Keeper!

I do not consider that as stealing. Of course, I am not a thiefwhy am I?— just a keepersince stealing is a consciously act of getting someone’s property. In my case, no one owns the eraser.

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