Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gettin' Redi for the Plus Tomorrow

June 15, 2009, Monday, tomorrow,  the day that most Filipino students -- like me, are aware to.

It’s the start of our classes!

Gettin’ ready...

         to sleep early,
+ to wake up early,
+ to do home works,
+ to review for recitations, quizzes, or examinations,
+ to mingle with new classmates – especially for those free section college students,
+ to befriend with new professors,
+ to spend daily allowances worthily – for me,
+ to use new pens and notebooks,
+ to handle heavy traffics,
=   to be stressed! LOL

What else?

First semester, Academic Year 2009-2010 Official Class Schedule.

Sorry KIER,

you might get back home late and miss those romantic moments of Jan Di and Jun Pyo(Boys Over Flowers).

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