Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Forever 21

Between my high school days, I always wanted what most of teenagers do: watch movies/concerts, go to mall, bar hop, travel, GO HOME LATE+NO CURFEW! And, I'm sure you'll agree with this: Be more mature, na halos gusto na agad tumanda.

But then I realized, things like these happen unexpectedly. You will just notice that you're doing what you been wishing for.

I'm on my 21 now, turning 22 in about eleven weeks from now. With my 21 years in this planet, I can say that this is my Best year of all. I can now go out for movies, mall, bar, travel, with my friends. If I would be given a chance by a Genie to wish something I wish I would stay, just is to stay Forever 21.

Yet, these were just the start of my unending exploration in my 'teenage' life.


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