Sunday, July 10, 2011


Six months of work has been so blessed to me. I learned new different things, discovered new people, my work mates. My first, hopefully would be my last career, taught me not just to help support myself, but my family as well.

What's inside my half-year of Fun production (it's in my envelop)?

1My Nameplate as an Equity Analyst 2My first ever ATM card 3First ever pay check 4My pay slips 5First Dinner-out, with my Batch mates in training, which follows more 6Our company’s Second Year Anniversary 7A gift's note from my cheat mate, Star 8Our company’s outing 9Our Company's Sportsfest 10Travel Souvenirs from my mates: +Thanks to Maria, Krisanto, Rose!

Happy 6th Monthsary, Team W!

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