Saturday, August 20, 2011

What's happening this 27th?'s my 22nd Birthday! :!

Things you may want to know about me (before greeting me on my 22nd Birthday!):

1. I am third from four siblings.
2. I stand 5'8''1/2, and only weigh 55 kilos.
3. I am no doubt a Mama's boy.
4. I love dipping in ketchup!
5. I go to church every first Sunday of every month only +sometimes, twice.

6. I adore color Gold.
7. I am neither a smoker nor a dipso.
8. I am in love every time I listen to Lifehouse's "You & Me".
9. I am an Environmentalist+who hates plastic things; plastic people most especially.
10. I am not a Socialite, and would rather stay at home than mingle with strangers around the Metro.

11. I blog, a trying-hard blogger +life's special moments occur once, share them!
12. I practice being a bookworm +a good writer must be a good reader.
13. I only and strongly believe in God's will +I am not totally Religious, but I'm Righteous.
14. I give and take jokes +ANG PIKON AY LAGING TALO!
15. I used to pee in bed until 3rd year HS.

16. I laugh and cry the most. +keeping it real as much as I can.
17. I would love listening to Soul Siren, Nina. +among all our OPM Artists.
18. I rarely call, chat or even send an SMS.
19. I am a simple stalker +to interesting people only.
20. I am a University of the East Alumnus +with a Bachelor's Degree in B.S.B.A. Major in Management Accounting, Batch 2010.

21. I am scared to frog+yaaayyyy!!!
22. I drink plenty of warm water.
23. I don't like singing in a video-oke.
24. I am allergic to nuts and fish paste or "bagoong".
25. I project in front of our whole-body sized mirror every morning +while dancing or singing.
26. I am quiet when mad or stressed.

27. In my 22 years of sadness, happiness, and success, I am still One of A Kind Virgoan