Saturday, September 03, 2011

"I am One of A Kind Virgoan."

The whole celebration was not planned. They made it unexpectedly different. And I'm pretty sure that I did appreciate them. Who am I talking about?

It's You!

Who surprised me, with

A cute smiling-face BreadTalk cake from my teammate/seatmate/friend Joyce

Little Chocolates from my officemate/teammate/friend Diane +sweeeet!

A bit of Cadbury from my officemate/teammate/friend Gem (that was originally given by Joyce to Gem, and Gem to us, haha) +SUUUPPPERRRR SWEEEEEEEEET sa LIIIIIIIIT! haha

One of Mitch Albom's best selling pieces, "For One More Day", from my officemate/friend Maria +we really have the same taste!

Brown (synthetic leather) clutch bag from my officemate/teammate/friend Rose +haha, brown is our fave for now! 

A black shirt and a handkerchief from our family's long-time neighbor/friend Ate Lilette and her daughter Nica +good to have this hanky, since I've just lost one last week! hehe

A sundae (with a cherry on top) from Shakey's +oh, wow!

Who greeted me,

On Facebook and twitter:

Our Company's greetings (and monthly free merienda) for new hires and birthday celebrants!

My teammates and friends who sang a 'Birthday Song' for me (at exactly 12 in the midnight, August 27)! +t'was such a loud (super shouting! Haha) Birthday song I've ever heard!

Unexpected texts from my friends whose numbers were not yet registered in my phone

A Personal E-mail from my loving officemate/friend Star +hehe, the picture was unexpectledly surprising! Like, like, like!

Who will miss my trend? My very own 'Be KIER-ful' slogan, now on your greetings! +thanks Guys!

Who celebrated with me,

Thanks to my super friends!

My treat (and Brylle's Pre-Celeb for his Promotion) +thank you Mr. 'Brayle'

..and for my Shuttle mates! +thanks to our new mates for helping me paying all of these!

and Who made me more emotional and cry!

Unknowingly, hehe I just cried. +of course, it's my special so I'm wearing my color!

Our Birthdays are our Special days. Thank you to All who remembered that I am not just as Special, am One of A Kind as You.

Hehe, I am now 22 and I should Be very, very, very KIER-ful now.

Love You. :)

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