Monday, September 12, 2011

Yay! I'm wet

It was as 'Yay!' as 'Yuck!'

Last Friday, around 2:40 in the afternoon (my time to head off for work), I was stuck in the middle of raining angry cats and dogs! And while they were busy fighting, their outbursted tears brought me (actually us) into a 'last day of the week' DISASTER!

After alighting from the Jeepney, I stood at the side of Coastal-to-Baclaran road (or MIA road as it is) to wait for a bus (with route going to Edsa). But when I realized that my pants and shoes were that super wet, I looked for a place where I can shed off and ran to a hotel (actually it's Bayview Hotel). I joined others who were also stranded and just stayed in front of the hotel (right in front of their main entrance's door).

While waiting for the rain to stop (and for the bus to arrive), I didn't notice that the water was starting to get high and reached my shoes.


Oh, the water's reaching the first step of the hotel's main entrance. 

Si Manong nahulog pa ata yun cellphone! Sayang!

To better see the signage of the buses (if it's going to Edsa-MRT), I decided to take off my shoes, left my socks on my feet, and walked through that dirty-canal-scent flood (for the second time!).

Haha, it’s funny how passengers looked at me (especially my feet) when I finally took a bus.

When I logged in to our office by 4:06 (which simply means that I'm already 36 minutes late! Argh!), I quickly went to my work station and asked my officemates to help me buy a new pair of slippers, since my shoes and socks were so wet!

For Php 120.00, I bought this Skull printed Tripper slippers from 7-Eleven (near our building). +haha, cute lang ng mga daliri ko sa paa!

My wallet ended up with only Php 20.00 (from gross of Php 170, less Php 120 for the slippers, less Php 30 worth of Big Pandesal from Pan De Manila). Yey! #TGIF!

I remember my very first encounter of flood is when I was in my junior years back in college. It was at around 6 in the evening, after my last class, and will be heading to home. A sudden heavy rain came by, then a (below-the-knee level) FLOOD. And with no concrete knowledge of what to do (and the urge to go home early since expect that after a heavy rain is a heavy traffic), I bravely walked through that black (below-the-knee level) water, holding my school shoes in my left hand, my umbrella in my right, while left my socks on my feet (to prevent from any debris I could step in since I forgot to bring an emergency slippers). And the feeling while I'm taking my seat at the back of the bus for home? Yuckish!

And then there's this incident again. I was out of my mind; do not know what to do.

I do not know if it was planned by our heavenly Father, but I'm pretty sure, this must be charged to my own experience to be well-prepared, calm, and focus when this incident happens again.


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    1. Hehe, I really like your comment! Made me laugh out loud. Thanks BTW! :)