Monday, September 19, 2011

Pee versus Poof

Last Friday evening, when my younger sister went back home, she bought two Magazines (one is March 2011 issue of Candy Mag) for only Php100 (a great finds for late issues!) in SM Supermarket (where the other one did her best friend get).

There's a portion on the issue tackling teenager's worst experiences inside the bathroom. It caught my eyes and didn't hesitate to finish reading. Just to join the crowd, I also have the worst experience:

At our office, I only pee and wash my hands (or clean up) in a 'private' gent's rest room. It has one cubicle bowl attached in the wall, one ordinary cubicle (with door), and a sink Every time I use the room, I turn and twist its door knob to know if someone's occupying it already, and when someone doesn't, (and when I get inside the room) I see to it that I turn the knob twisted again to lock.

One moment: I entered the room and locked the door. I unzipped my pants and started to pee.

When peeing, I heard something's (somehow, it's 'someone') inside the other door (where one cubicle is placed).

Someone's poofing!

I suddenly smelled (and HEARED!) his outburst that I didn't smell when I first entered. And by the time I finish my business, (I don't want Him to see me using also the room) I quickly turned my way out of the room without washing my hands! I really don't know that someone's already occupying the space!

For his sake, he must have locked the door before doing his business!

Worst experience. Worst smell. =))

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