Thursday, September 08, 2011

Perfect Combination

From the time Pan De Manila had opened their branch (near our office in Mc Kinley Hill) last month, we don't miss to buy their Hot Pandesals everyday for our merienda. It's been our daily source of energy for almost seven hours of work, aside for McDo and KFC meals. It's also been our tradition to buy a bunch of it in the evening, for the next day's breakfast.

I personally like their BIG Pandesal. It's worth paying Php 6.00! They also have Small Pandesal for Php 3.25; Big Wheat Pandesal for Php 6,25; and others! (haha, advertisement please!) You can eat it on it's own (haha, like what Gardenia Bread TVC says), but (believe it or not) I eat it with powdered Milo!

Yeah! Saraaaap!

HOW: I just split the pandesal in the middle and pour about quarter (of a sachet) of powdered (remember, it should be 'Powdered' not dissolved or liquified) Milo, and ola! My very own OfficeCombo! (Office, since I only do this at my work station in our office)

You will taste the sweetness blend of Pandesal and Milo. While eating, you will feel the mouthful blast of powder spreading on your tongue and outside of your mouth, so you may eat it with care. +BeKIERful! haha

I recommended this to my officemate/seatmate Joyce (and also to my friends), and they also do this. (Hehe, she doesn't want her face to be shown here in my blog, so I just took her a shot while eating her pandesal, from behind.)

Try this too!

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