Saturday, September 24, 2011

A simple compliment makes my bad day, right

The moment I started my work at our office, I felt a "I think this is going to be another bad day." feeling. And I'm right. Overload of works (is my major enemy) and all other factors (I'll just keep them to myself) had affected the start of my Thursday. But they were all gone when I got a (one, same) simple compliment from my office mates: They like&love my (this) blog, and  been following and reading all my posts! For your appreciation to the layout (style) of it, to its 'KIER' signature at the bottom of all the posts, to its (my) black & white 'make-face' background at the right, and to its unique blog site title, BeKIERful, Thank YOU!

This blog is full of stories not because of me, but because of You who've been making my life a narrative story that is worth sharing. :)

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