Sunday, October 02, 2011

Collect and collect, then collect

Hey, what do you think is your purpose in life? Hmm, sounds weird, right?

Ever since, whenever or whatever I think that this is a special day!, I see to it that I have any thing that will remind me of where I went or what I did, a souvenir. I've been keeping whatever piece of paper I get whenever I travel, or go to events (like Junior-Senior Prom Night in our high school days, I still have the Invitation card), dine in restaurants (Tissue papers are the best ones. I write the special date and the reason when and why I dine), and do (my next spare time pleasure aside from blogging and reading) Movie-ing!

Anyways, the question is basically for this Mont Blanc Card Holder/Keeper/Organizer (I don't know what it is called) I received as a Christmas gift from our long-time neighbor, Kuya Lito.
It's been about ten months from then that I still didn't decide to where to use it. Ten months of being useless inside my cabinet. Then suddenly, after my mother and I watched a movie last night, I'd just thought of keeping the other half of our movie tickets to this brown organizer. Great idea!

Here's what I did:

I will keep those movie tickets here! 

I am not promising that I will fill all the empty sheets of this holder as early as next day, but I am pretty much sure that this will be filled with memorable and beautiful movies my eyes could ever seen on wide screen. Oh yeah!


Before collecting movie tickets, I already have this bottle with cork (This was one of our condiments' bottles in the kitchen!)
Inside is a shell (labeled with name of place and date) gave by my team mate when we had our team building in Anawangin, Zambales. Thanks Krisanto!

I find this crafty and convenient for my planned getaway souvenirs: shells, beach sand and the like.

So why not start collecting your own? Watchu think?

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