Monday, October 10, 2011

Prize tag

I've been wanting to have my own camera, ever since, aside from Laptop computer. A camera that will help me capture beautiful memories of my own beautiful stories. Naks!

Last night, BMS's latest blog entry caught my eyes. The fashion-blog owner herself, Laureen Uy, offers her readers giveaways as her own thanksgiving for her birthday. Even though I criticized her before for her one blog post, I swallowed my pride and bravely joined her contest. Just for the sake of Nikon camera, haha! By simply completing the "Because of Nikon.." sentence, one can get a chance to grab the same.

With this simple instruction (and for about a minute of thinking), I commented impromptu:

"...because of Nikon, every pose has its True meaning: true meaning of what our lives can bring to us. :) "
-KIER Cuevas

I hope my next post is about my new camera, lol. =))

+Happy Birthday, btw. :)

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