Thursday, April 14, 2011


While I was taking a bath this afternoon, I'd been thinking something I can discuss here. And as the water flew, I thought of our ever since high school group—FENKs!
During our high school days, we're all into naming our own group (or barkadas). 

This may be the best time that we reminisce those times we had before since all of us are now busy on our respective careers.

Anyways, you might be thinking what our group name means. And honestly speaking, I am too, have been thinking what this really mean. Hehehe. What I remember is, when we were having our recess—some time in our junior years—one of us thought of naming our group for us to have an identity—hahaha, corny, but it's true! Sino sa atin ang hindi pinagdaanan ang ganitong mga ka-OA-yan? We thought of different names, which have to be unique and for our classmates to easliy remember! FENKs it is! From the word PINK, I think?—basta ganun, mahirap i-explain! Hahaha.

The group consists of six. Three girls, and three boys (???), namely (in alphabetical order—para walang superiority feeling!): Cybill, Jason, Kier (it's me!), Kim, Sarah, and Stephany.

F-Forever Friendly
N-Never kang iiwan
N-Nandyan parati kung kailangan mo
Y-Youthful (???) Isip-bata kuno. Hahaha

Each has his own identity.

For past six years, we've already encountered all the joy and happy moments like any other friendships had.

Only FENKs was sent to Guidance Office due to many different violations:
  • Caught swimming after our Quarterly exam,
  • Malling while wearing our school uniform,
  • Caught—out of knowing—while screaming in the middle of our Roller Coaster ride experience in Pixie Forest, Festival Mall, Alabang,
  • Using our Teacher's Quarter's own whole body mirror while talking too loud and noisy—like we don't care about them (our teachers),
  • Caught smoking and drinking in street after class,
  • Pulling our classmate's hair—haha, konting kababawan lang!

Times have passed.

Six years ago, times when we were all sharing our plans after we graduate from college.
Six years later, times have changed each of us. We're now enjoying those dreams!

Cybill and Stephany are now employees of one of the most beautiful Casinos in Pasay, after they graduated with the degree of HRM! Jason, who really wants to be a Doctor, is now on his second year of MD in UST! After I finished taking Management Accounting, I am now an Equity Research Analyst in FactSet, Taguig! Kim, our Registered Nurse, is now a CC Agent while waiting for a great opportunity in hospital. And Sarah, the most beautiful mother of Chino, is now enjoying her motherhood!

*Sigh. How fast time really flies?

Love my FENKship!

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