Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Fry-day!

“It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday..”
                       --Hahaha, Rebecca Black, ikaw ba yan?

Yes! It's Friday again! And tomorrow is Saturday! Rebecca-ng -Rebecca na talaga! 

Anyways, speaking of ways, highways, nagtaas na ang toll fare. So? Hahaha, wala lang, I just don't know how to start this post.

Sadyang kay bilis talaga ng oras, araw o panahon. Nung lunes lang, pinag-uusapan pa namin ang aming mga sariling bakasyon last Holy week, holidays. At, talagang maraming nagsabing, bitin na bitin sila sa bakasyon, unlike daw sa school, where we can spend our vacation for two long months.
Lahat kami'y nagsabing: "Sana Friday na!" 

Why do people so love Fridays?
KIER: Since after Fridays, are weekends, and during weekends, we can do whatever, whereever, and whenever we want! It's our free days! Free from work, free from tiredness, stress, worries. And super strees-free much!

And since it(Friday) is the last day of regular working days, we intend to enjoy those Fridays like we don't have due dates/works to settle.

Today is the last Friday of April 2011.
My officemates and I spent the most of the whole day together.

We started our working shift with free snacks(merienda), courtesy of our office for all the Birthday celebrants and newly hires for the month of April.
We were given three rolls of Lumpiang Shanghai, one Empanada, Pancit Malabon, and a slice of 'kakanin'.
Yum! Yum! Yum!

While eating our free snacks in pantry, until 6pm, in the prod floor, where were all doing our works, we'd been tuning in to the much awaited wedding of the century, William-Kate's Royal Vows, na halos naiwan na namin ang mga aming ginagawa just to witness even a glimpse of this prime event.
To conclude, I gracefully congratulating the Newly-Wed Couple, William and Kate, and I'm sorry for not attending your wedding. Sorry po talaga. Close? hahaha.

After watching, we joined Tin, our teammate, in watching the Mini-Concert(and meet and greet) of her Korean Pop idols, 2AM, in Piazza Mall, just around our office buliding.
She's a true KPOP fan! But unfortunately, we've only seen them on their meet and greet.

How 'bout you? How did you spend you Friday?

Friday, Saturday, Sunday.. Monday! Monday nanaman!

Blog updated: Apr 30 2011

Isama ko na dito ang mga napansin ko kanina sa MV ni Rebecca, since we were talking about her from the start.
I just watched this, this afternoon. Natawa ako sa part time(1:11), lalong-lalu na yun babaeng katabi niya sa kaliwa. hahaha! Parang mga sira lang! Sorry, pero yun talaga na-observe ko. hahaha!

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