Saturday, April 16, 2011

You're so 'BAIT'!

Bye, bye Isan! Thank you for being part of Team W.

Unti-unti na talagang nalalagas ang mga bunga ni Ma'am Sol.

I am pretty much sure that we—especially Rose and I—will be missing Isan. He'd been our Voyager tutor for the past five weeks on the Prod floor. Like me, I'll miss his laugh—bullying me—every time I make mistakes in updating Voyager.

To Isan(and to all our former teammates-Pearl, Ava, Kris, Japh & others):
There's no permanent in this world. I knew it from the start that We (Team W) will not be forever working at the same office. But I hope our Team's own 'Camaraderie' spirit will remain wherever our fate leads us.
Have a Good Relationship to your New Officemates! And We wish you all the success on you newest career as a Business Unit Accountant!
Good Job, Isan!

Si Isan habang kinakausap(nagpapaalam) ni Ms. Cynthia!

You're the Team's only 'IAMBAIT'!
Salamat sa picture, ROSA! hahaha

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